About Us


Dynamech is an engineering solutions consultant that provides full engineering, design, analysis, and CAD support to itís clients.


Dynamech was formed in 1998 with a simple goal: "Provide high quality, innovative, and imaginative solutions using leading edge engineering and CAD software"


Dynamechís services are reliable, and accurate with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.


From concept right through to production, regardless of project size, time frame, or location, Dynamech can help itís clients reach their goals.




Is your product strong enough?  Is it over-designed?  Is it under-designed?  Will it work properly and have a reasonable life-span?


You don't need to invest in expensive physical prototypes to answer these types of questions.  These questions can now be answered using computer analysis of  a 3D model of your product.


Dynamech can analyze your product, ensuring that all specifications are met.  We can optimize the design for strength, material use, weight, and cost.  We can analyze moving parts and complex linkages, easily making changes along the way, to ensure your product works the way it was intended.


We can help you get it right the first time - that's money in the bank!





Once your product has been designed and is ready to be built, you will require detailed shop drawings.


The 3D CAD models used to design and analyze your product are also used to quickly and efficiently create drawings for manufacturing.  Since the drawings are linked directly to the model geometry, they will reflect exactly what has been designed, analyzed, and approved for production.


Some manufacturers can even take the electronic CAD models and directly produce your product using CNC equipment, possibly eliminating the need for highly detailed drawings in some cases.


Simply put:  Dynamech can provide accurate, easy to read drawings, so the product that gets built is the product that was designed, saving time and money!





If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth an entire book!


Communicate with your customers, excite your sales team, train your employees.


We can create animations of your product for use on the web or computer.  You can showcase a new product before it is even manufactured, communicate design intent to your customer, or demonstrate complex assembly procedures to your employees.


Using animations can save you time and money! (click on picture)





Dynamech was tasked by Cavitt Industries Ltd. to

reverse engineer and provide drawings for a ditching bucket that was to be manufactured.  The bucket was a complex mixture of curved surfaces with a cutting edge that was curved in 3 dimensions.  We were able to reproduce the bucket using a combination of surfacing and sheet metal techniques in Pro/Engineer.  Flat patterns of all the parts were able to be produced...even the 3D curved cutting edge.  This resulted in simplification of the fabrication process, reducing manufacturing costs by approximately 50%. (Testimonial)


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Product Development


Product development involves taking an idea and turning it into something real. The process is complicated and expensive so you don't want to make any mistakes along the way.


Dynamech can take your idea from concept to reality, saving you time, and money.  We can help you get your product to market faster, meaning you get a head-start on your competition.  We can jump in at any point in the product development process and work with you to ensure your goals are met.


We use the latest in 3D engineering and analysis software to ensure your product is optimized for cost, quality, durability, and manufacturability.


After all, it's your product, why not make sure it is the best that it can be?





Remember when, if you wanted to see what your product looked like you actually had to build it?  Well, those days are over!


Using leading edge 3D CAD software, we can design your product without ever having to actually build it.


Virtual prototyping allows us to create your product electronically, on the computer.  If things aren't the way they should be, they can easily be changed.


We can check clearances, ensure there are no unwanted interferences, optimize aesthetics, ensure manufacturability, and see what the product will look like, all without spending one penny on building a physical prototype. Bottom line:  You save money!




Photo-Realistic Rendering


Wouldn't it be cool to be able to show potential customers your idea or product before you invest large amounts of money in detailed design and prototyping?


Dynamech can provide Photo-Realistic images and animations of your product so that you can start the marketing process right away!


These images could be used at trade shows, placed on your web-site, burned to CD/DVD, or placed in your company brochure or catalogue.


You could also use the images and animations for many other things such as training videos, user and technical manuals, and assembly manuals.






Dynamech can offer a multitude of services thanks to it's close relationship with Menova Engineering Inc.  Together, we have over 200 years of Mechanical Engineering experience in a wide variety of industries.  Whatever the project, we can deliver!  Menova speeds quality products to market with complete mechanical design, analysis, documentation and verification services. Menova's technical personnel use the latest in 3-dimensional software design, visualization and analysis tools to provide engineering services for industrial and commercial products. Menova also performs prototyping, production assistance, design verification, validation and installation services.